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If you value your pets’ care and the relationship you have with the people who provide care to your pets I highly recommend the Doctors and staff at El Gato Veterinary Hospital in Los Gatos.

During my first visit to El Gato, I first met with a Vet Tech and then the Veterinarian Dr. Bibb to discuss the background and medical history of my two cats, and any current or ongoing issues. One of the cats had a recurring digestive issue that no other Veterinarian seemed able to properly diagnose and no antibiotic, special diet or medication seemed to resolve. Dr. Bibb prescribed another medication for her condition and briefly explained why she believed it would help. In less than a couple of weeks, for the first time in several years the condition had finally become better thanks to the experienced and knowledgeable Veterinarian. At El Gato I am told what to expect with any treatment, instructed when and how to administer any medications for my animals, the process of any procedure is always explained to me in terms so that I understand. My questions are answered. If there are options for treatment the outcome, costs and follow up are discussed.

I do not have insurance for my pets but I think the front office staff, when possible, is happy to assist you in completing your claim forms.

My experience with the staff at El Gato Veterinary Hospital is that they are attentive to the needs of my pets and my needs as the pet owner and the person paying for the care. Their prices seem fair and, in my experience, more than competitive particularly for the level of experienced care, knowledgeable treatment and compassionate service. The entire Staff is always friendly and professional, the environment is always sanitary, calm, and welcoming which is especially great if you have a pet that does not like to be away from her/his home.

Sometimes El Gato can be busy with people and their pets seeking medical care but things never seem hectic. If I call or email with any questions or concerns I always receive a response no matter what my question or concern may be.

I appreciate and value their on-site state of the art equipment, personal attention, and care along with the convenience of their digital records system for your pet’s medical records, vaccination reminders, the ability to schedule appointments, automated appointment reminders, and other conveniences that enhance the care for animals .

If you are not delighted with your pets’ current Veterinary Care, are new to the area, or in the process of getting a new pet and need to find a Veterinary Hospital that can provide the proper care for you and your pet I urge you to give El Gato in Los Gatos a call.

If your pets’ care and the relationship that you have with the people who provide care to your pets is important to you, I highly recommend the Doctors and staff at El Gato Veterinary Hospital.

I am grateful for all the Doctors and staff at El Gato have done, it has made an extremely positive difference in the lives of my cats and my own.


We came here from a recommendation from our dear neighbor. We called in on a weekday to be seen the following weekend without any issues. Our appointment was with Dr. Bibb and we both couldn’t have been more impressed with how knowledgeable she is. Our poor pup was diagnosed with having a Mast Cell Tumor. We were given invoices of how much things would cost and they were very hospitable in changing things up if we wanted to. Surgery was scheduled for Monday morning and both drop off and pick up was a breeze. They even called the next day to see how Zeus was doing.

During our visit on a Saturday there was another client there that lives in San Francisco, I can see why they drive all the way down to El Gato Vet because they are simply amazing. Their office may not have all the frills of larger vets that I have been to but that far outweighs the genuine care you get for your pets here. We’ll definitely continue to bring Zeus here for as long as we can. Big thanks to the entire staff at El Gato vet.

Stephanie G.

I have been taking my golden retriever to Dr. Josling for the past 4 years, and every time we visit I am impressed with the high level of service from this whole office. The front office staff are consistently friendly and helpful. Dr Josling herself is personable AND great with dogs. She makes both me and my dog feel comfortable and answers all of my questions, even when they are silly things she has probably heard a million times.
Stephanie S.

El Gato Veterinary Hospital is fantastic. I used to take my two Tonkinese cats to another vet when they were young and just needed shots but when one of them got sick my friend recommended that I take my kitty to El Gato  Veterinary Hospital. First of all, all the supporting staff including the receptionists are very professional and extremely helpful. Dr. Bibb is our main vet and she is very caring. I would not take my “kids” anywhere else.

The cats are 12 and 13 years old and they had never gotten their teeth cleaned so it was time. They had a lot of tartar and plaque building up and they need deep teeth cleaning. When I got the estimate, I did not expect it to be as high. One obvious reason is that they have to go under. However, the staff carefully went through every single line item and explained what they entailed. I made my decisions on what options to get and they were very helpful in the process. They always provide a lot of information and let you decide; no pressure or make you feel bad for the decisions you make.

The teeth cleaning went very well and the cats are very happy! I will continue to go back to Dr. Bibb for care.

Eriko Y.

We have been coming to El Gato Veterinary for over 5 years.  Everyone is very friendly and takes such good care of our yellow Labrador Luca.  I would highly recommend Dr. Bibb and staff for your veterinary needs!
Sascha V.

My husband and I have consistently received top notch care for our cats here over the last 10 years, not to mention the compassion, kindness, knowledge and professionalism that Dr. Bibb and her staff have always shown us. We truly appreciate everyone and what they do at El Gato Vet Hospital. Every experience there always leaves us feeling thankful that such a wonderful vet practice exists! We will always be happy to recommend you to our family and friends!

Karla C.

Dr Bibb is incredible. I bring all three of my dogs here. Every time we come we are treated so well and all of my questions are answered.

I’ve even sent my friends to Dr Bibb for care for their pets.

One of my pets also had an emergency and sliced his paw she got him in same day and helped discuss treatment options that helped make me and my dog better better.

Maryam M.

Incredible staff and vets. Dr Josling was absolutely our favorite of all time.   In addition to taking great care of our pets – we had to put down one of our older dogs – and for this special time for us – Dr Josling came to our home. I held our old fella while doc put him to sleep. Sad but warm memories.  A very special place and a very special woman.
James H.

I just want you Yelpers to know I’m still coming here regularly and I’m still getting GREAT and personalized service. My cats are never anxious (well except for the thermometer time). The staff are very caring and are focused on what’s best for the animal.
Lara F.

Have been coming here for 2 years with our Russian blue. Have always had excellent service, been seen promptly and dealt with friendly, knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend!
Anna S.

My husband and I love El Gato Vet Hospital 🙂 We’ve been clients for about 7 years and couldn’t ask for more professional, knowledgeable and compassionate people to be working with our animals (we have three crazy cats ;).  Dr. Bibb is our vet, and we also see the other doctor there on occasion, Dr. Josling.  Both of them are wonderful!!  The staff are all so friendly and kind, and make you feel so welcome.

The doctors at El Gato will be honest with you about patient outcomes and fees, and will work with you to find the best treatment for your furry family member.  The staff here have gone above and beyond for our cats, more than once.  Honestly, my hubby and I have always felt so lucky to have found this place.  We’ve often remarked that we wish that our human doctors and support staff could be this amazing!

They are often busy, but they will always make time for you.  I’ve always left here feeling like my cats have been given the best care possible, and isn’t that what really matters?  Thank you for all that you do for our fur babies, El Gato.  You are appreciated more than you know :). 5+ stars!

Karla C.

This Veterinary Hospital is all that plus more!  I brought in a Chihuahua rescue for a checkup and to schedule teeth cleaning and they were so wonderful and just loved my little Chihuahua girl “Star”.  Yesterday, Little Star went under for teeth cleaning and let me tell you!!!  like night and day.. so clean, no more bad breath and the price is very competitive.  The people there are professional and sweet.  El Gato Veterinary Hospital is the 2nd oldest VET hospital in Los Gatos history.  They strive in making their patients and their patients parents comfortable and are up to date on the latest and greatest in Veterinary care. Looking for a Vet, don’t think twice, don’t walk..run to this place! lol.. really.. do yourself and your pet a favor 🙂
Linda W.

This is an amazing office, I have a German Shepherd who has allergies and several spontaneous flare ups throughout the year. Dr.Bibb is my vet and she has been nothing but the greatest. We accidently came during a meeting and Dr.Bibb was willing to put the meeting on hold to check my Shepherd, Sheela out. We have also requested at the last minute medication and they were able to get it to us within 30 minutes  before closing and Dr.Bibb insisted to see Sheela even though they were closing and continued after hours but her performance was never altered because of this. She answered any questions I had, there was no rush, and she is simply amazing in what she does. Thank you Dr.Bibb!
Brittany K.

The care and compassion at this vet clinic is wonderful, not only for the pet patients but also for pet parents. I really appreciate them! And Montana says thank you with his eyes!
Claudia L.