We’re lucky to live in a city that’s as pet-friendly as Los Gatos, California. It makes giving back to the community with your pet a much easier proposition. Have you been looking to give back? You picked a great time to do it! National Volunteer Week is April 23-29, and, if you haven’t already, this year, you can get your beloved pet involved in the do-gooding, too. Here are a few ways to give back with your pet.

Animal-assisted therapy

Science has shown that animals have a positive impact on human health, improving everything from mood to heart health to the immune system. Now, nonprofits everywhere are giving pet owners and their animals the opportunity to give back to their communities by helping those in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and other locations.

Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit, pig, horse, bird, or some other furry or feathered friend with the right disposition, chances are good that you’ll be able to help. After special training and a health exam, you are your pet could be helping some of our most vulnerable citizens.

Canine reading program

Does your pup like kids? If so, he may be a good candidate for a canine reading program. Designed to help children struggling to learn to read, these programs provide attentive, nonjudgmental listeners (dogs like yours) for children to real aloud to, which can help boost self-esteem along with reading levels.

Donate blood

If you’ve ever donated blood, you know it’s a relatively quick and painless way to give back. And, just like humans, animals often need blood during surgeries and emergency situations when they’ve lost too much of their own. Contact us to be sure your pet is healthy enough to donate blood.

Other ways you can volunteer with your pet include training for search-and-rescue missions, participating in charity walks or runs, and providing a foster home for animals in need.

El Gato Veterinary Hospital has been serving the Los Gatos, California area for 50 years and we’re proud to work with multiple generations within the same family! We love this community and thank you for giving back!

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