4 DIY Holiday Toys for Your Pet

Wondering what to get your furry friend for Christmas? Don’t stress, because pets are wonderful gift recipients! They appreciate anything you give them, regardless of how much time or money you spend. Plus, you don’t have to be extraordinarily crafty to create homemade gifts your furry pal will enjoy. Make your pet’s Christmas special by crafting one of these four fun DIY gifts.

#1: Design a peekaboo puzzle for cats

Find a sturdy cardboard box that can support your cat’s weight and ensure it isn’t more than a few inches deep. Cut circular holes along the top and the sides of the box, and place a couple of ping-pong balls or catnip-scented balls inside. Your kitty will go crazy trying to bat the balls and get a good workout to boot.

#2: Wrap a water bottle tug toy for dogs

If your pup loves crunching on your water bottle, turn an empty one into a toy. All you need is some scrap fabric and a water bottle. Opt for thicker material so the toy will be more durable. Simply wrap the bottle in fabric, tucking in the ends and securing it with strips tied around the bottle. Then, add long braided fabric strands to give it that tug action. 

#3: Create a cat tent out of a T-shirt

You know that old T-shirt you’ve been meaning to toss out? Save it and design a nifty cat tent instead. All you need is a T-shirt, a couple of wire hangers, tape, safety pins, and cardboard. Place your cat’s favorite toys inside, and they will have a new favorite hiding spot. 

#4: Make an interactive food puzzle 

Food puzzles are a great mentally enriching toy, and this one is simple to make. Cut holes into a used cardboard tube from paper towels or toilet paper, fill the tube with kibble, and fold the ends shut. For a more durable puzzle, drill holes in a PVC pipe and sand the edges. 

Remember that toys can become a choking hazard as they age and start to fall apart, so throw away any pet toys that begin to tear or break. Stuffing, stray threads, or tiny parts that fall off can wreak havoc on your pet’s digestive system, so make sure the DIY toys you make for your furry friend are safe for them to play with. Have questions about safe toys for your pet? Contact our team!