As we see more and more pets coming into the clinic with pet allergies, we wanted to give you some tips on what to look out for if you suspect your pet is suffering from allergy issues. Please do remember that each pet is different and a specific allergy prevention program will need to be determined by the veterinarian.

1. Biting and licking their skin.

Watch your pets closely as they move around the house – if you notice them biting their arms and paws or licking themselves in a manner that is in excess of normal licking, they may be suffering from pet allergies. If they lick and bite too much, the open wounds can become infected, causing further skin issues to flare up. Biting of the skin is a clear indicator that something is bugging them.

2. Uncontrollable itching.

Itching is a clear indicator that your pet is having a flare-up of skin issues, such as pet allergies. If your pets seem to be itching themselves more frequently and intensely than usual, there is a good chance they are suffering from allergies. Be sure to watch out for an excess of scratching near the face and armpits. There are creams and sprays to relieve some of the discomfort that is affecting them, but you’ll want to consult with your veterinarian first.

3. Multiple ear infections.

If you’re in the office for multiple ear infections, that is usually a sign of allergy issues with your pet. Be sure to look for redness, bumps, scabs, and even do a smell test in the ear. If you notice an odor, it’s an ear infection.

If you have seen these symptoms in your pet, please be sure to schedule an appointment with us immediately so we may diagnose and treat them. There is nothing worse than seeing a pet suffer from bad allergy flare-ups. The team at El Gato Veterinary Hospital want your pets to be free of discomfort!