We know our friends in Los Gatos, CA know how to have fun! While the humans are listening to loud music, having friends over, and watching fireworks – our pets are the one that is going through stress and anxiety. Today, we have some tips on how to protect your pet from spending New Year’s Eve worrying about all of the loud noises they’re hearing!

Create a safe space.

Did you crate train your pet? Perfect! Make their crate extra fun with new blankets and toys before New Year’s Eve a fun night for them. If your pet does not use a crate, create a safe space for them in your home that is away from the noise – a guest room, bedroom, or closet full of chew toys, distractions, and other things that keep them calm. This is different for every pet.

Tire them out with exercise!

A tired pet is a pet that is more focused on sleep and relaxation than worrying about noises around them. Before the festivities kick off, be sure to take your dogs to a dog park or for a long walk. For cats, a day of chasing a laser pointer or string will do wonders! When the loud noises of New Year’s Eve kick-off, your pet will be too tired even to notice.

A new toy is a great distraction.

Ever notice how infatuated your dog can become with a new chew toy or bone? How does your cat react when a new bag of catnip or ball of feathers shows up? Find a toy that will become the perfect one-night distraction and a new favorite toy for weeks to come. Your pet will be so distracted with their new toy that other distractions like fireworks and people yelling around them.


Talk to your veterinarian.

Does your pet suffer from anxiety issues? We can help. Be sure to bring them in before high-stress situations, and we’ll be sure to help find the right supplement or prescription to calm your pet down before the festivities start. We know that each case is different and we want your pet to have the right medication to help them relax.

Find a more relaxing noise source.

The best way to find loud, sharp noises that can distress your pet is calming sounds that can relax them. Whether it’s classical music, nature sounds, or even the sounds of the TV – a new noise that can drown out stressful noises. In the future, get your pet used to loud noises during the year so that significant events full of people and fireworks aren’t a big shock to their system.

Be by your pet’s side.

At the end of the day, your pet is most calmed by you. When they’re stressed, be there to pet, brush, and calm them as you see fit. Does your cat love to be brushed? Brush them! Does your dog love their ears massaged? Do it. Whatever it is that keeps your pet happy and relaxed, do it. Do your best to stay calm and let them know that everything is going to be okay. If you’re calm, they’ll remain calm.

We want your pets to have a stress-free New Year’s Eve – and you too! If you have any more questions about methods of calming your pet for loud holidays, let us know! We’re here to help. Contact us today with any questions you may have.