It’s not hard to find a reason to get outside and finding pet-friendly exercise options here in Los Gatos, California. Today, we’ll make it a little easier on you.

Exercising your pet is just important for you as it is for your pet. Keep yourself and your pets happy and healthy with long walks, where socializing and getting outside will keep your dogs from developing bad habits. Daily walks mean health benefits including healthier hip joints, managing a healthy weight, and reducing digestive problems – all of these things decreasing the likelihood of health issues later in life for your pets.


Indoor and outdoor cats alike need exercise just as much as dogs, helping with health issues like diabetes and arthritis. Investing in a fun jungle gym or climbing toy for your cat can provide hours of fun for your feline. Even better? A simple laser pointer can keep your cat going wild while burning calories and staying fit!


Not all dogs need the same amount of exercise, so it’s best to factor in breed, age, climate, and other factors. Dogs need anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours of exercise per day, depending on energy levels. Are they currently getting that much? If not, we can help!

Here are the best pet-friendly exercise spots to get outside in Los Gatos, California:

pet-friendly exercise los gatos

1. Los Gatos Creek Trail

The Los Gatos Creek Trail offers recreational opportunities for walkers, jogger, bicyclists, skaters, non-motorized scooters, bladers, and nature lovers. The trail is operated by the County of Santa Clara Park Department, City of Campbell, Town of Los Gatos and the City of San Jose. The trail passes through a number of jurisdictions. Visitors are responsible for all rules and regulations applicable to each jurisdiction. Another great amenity to the trail is the Los Gatos Creek dog park. With artificial turf, it’s able to withstand the many dogs that love this park. There’s shade, seating, and water.

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2. Backyard Wineries

Backyard Wineries is pet-friendly and offers a unique selection of wines from two local wineries.

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3. Willow Street Wood-Fired Pizza

Willow Street Wood-Fired Pizza serves tasty slices and has terrific patio dining for you and your pooch to enjoy.

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