It’s no secret that Dr. Bibb and the El Gato Veterinary Hospital team are avid cat lovers! We want to keep your cats happy and healthy throughout their entire life, and that means staying educated on the diseases that could be ailing them. At some point or another, someone will be affected by a kidney malfunction, human or animal, temporary or chronic. Here at our offices, more often than not if someone brings in their senior kitty, it is important that blood tests are done to determine any Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). CKD tends to affect more than a third of cats over ten years of age.

Critical Symptoms:

  • Little, to zero appetite
  • Nausea & Vomiting
  • Anemia
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Urinary Tract Infections

(Chronic Kidney Disease may show signs, but as well all know, cats have a high skill of masking when they don’t feel right.)


Dietary management is a staple in maintaining a clean bill of health with a cat with CKD. Food that targets the renal system is the most important when choosing a new diet for your cat. Studies have shown, that healthy eating on renal-protecting foods can prolong the life expectancy and increase the quality of life. Unfortunately, as most cat owners have learned the hard way, is that your kitty might not always be thrilled about their new food.

Along with keeping a strict diet on renal-friendly foods, it is important that vets are taking the needed blood tests, though the range of numbers can vary depending on the cat’s health history. Vets need to take into account each cat as a separate case when determining the right treatment plan.

The greatest takeaway for an owner of a cat with Chronic Kidney Disease is to have an open communication relationship with your vet. Having a good relationship with your veterinarian clinic is important, in the case of emergency, or even just the weekly check-in.  El Gato Veterinary Hospital wants to make sure you are comfortable with the treatment plans given to your feline friends, so please do not hesitate ever to contact us with any concerns!