Kitten and puppy potty training are important for getting your pets started with healthy habits and building a bond between human and animal. In addition to the veterinary care we provide, we love to see our pet parents take great care of their pets at home. We know that kitten and puppy potty training can get stressful, stay calm and set a good tone and your pet will be trained in no time! You can do this!

1. Crate train new puppies! We promise crates are a good thing! A few blankets, toys, and space for them to relax allows you to know where your puppy is! This is much better than wondering if they’re somewhere in the house, leaving you a present.

2. Know their schedule. Puppies often go to the bathroom when they wake up, after they’ve eaten, and after a fun play session! It’s up to you to learn their schedule so you can be proactive in getting them outside when it’s time to go!

3. Praise, praise, praise! Don’t you love when someone thanks you for a job well done? Your pet does too! Whether your puppy has just gone to the backyard to go to the bathroom or your kitten has found the litter box, a small treat will remind them that it’s a good thing they’ve done and to keep doing it.

4. Keep them in sight! Always remember that it is up to you to teach your pet where to go to the bathroom. If you lose sight of them and an accident happens, don’t punish them. It’s up to you to catch these things and be proactive during potty training!

5. It’s all about repetition. Humans and animals learn the same way, repetition! If you create healthy habits for your pet that includes a schedule, praise, and the right kind of motivation, your pet will pick it up in no time!

6. Accidents happen! Yes, accidents happen. Cats spray, puppies have accidents, and sometimes they just cannot make it outside. At the end of the day, it’s up to the human to create a situation for the pet to succeed. If an accident does happen, do not yell or scold, learn from the mistake and make sure that it does not happen again! You can do this.

Stay calm, stay focused, stay on track – you can do this!