We now have a vaccine that offers pets the same protection you look for with only half the volume. The ULTRA portfolio is the first 0.5 mL pet vaccine line (most other vaccines are 1.0 mL) and was designed to offer a more comfortable vaccination experience for cats and dogs. Pet owners like you may take comfort in knowing that your furry friend is getting the protection he or she needs.

Regular wellness visits give us the opportunity to stay ahead of the game and administer any necessary preventive care, including boosters that may be required for continued disease protection. Plus, checkups provide an opportunity for you to talk to us about any changes in your dog’s behavior or lifestyle that may lead us to reconsider our approach to care.

Also, remember that the field of veterinary health care changes and advances quickly. We now have different or more specialized immunization options, like ULTRA vaccines, that simply weren’t available even a few years ago. The ULTRA line of vaccines offer effective protection, but with half the volume of most other vaccines for a more comfortable vaccination experience. Annual wellness visits give us the opportunity to share these kinds of advances, provide care when it’s appropriate, and become true partners with you in your pet’s health care.

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